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The History of Imagekings

Adrian by Lord Snowdon

Imagekings was formed in 2000 and is run exclusively by Adrian Thurley (image by Lord Snowdon 1992).

Adrian joined the RAF as a pilot in 1975. After his first tour on Buccaneers in Germany he spent 11 years flying the Hawk as a weapons instructor and as a pilot in the Red Arrows.

For his final tour he went back the The Reds as the Team Leader. After leaving the RAF he joined Virgin Atlantic where he remains today flying as a Captain on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

His fascination (bordering on obsession!) with computers began in the RAF where he pioneered weapons calculations using home computers. When the Internet was invented it was the perefect medium for Adrian - he built his first web site in 1994!

Long-haul flying is a perfect match for his 2nd profession - web design. However, he sees each new web site as the start of a new relationship rather than a business deal - his customers are extremely loyal and most have been with him for many years. Many have become good friends. Please see the Clients page.


Please see the Jargon Page for an explanation of any terms you are unfamiliar with

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